C1: Prepare for the Journey

Towards a School Paradigm Shift The thing about schools being constructed is that if we want to change them, we can. Humans didn’t invent things like gravity, so we can’t really change that. But we invented schools. Which means it is possible to reinvent them. Imagining a New High School Experience In this discourse forum, respond to the following prompts to get you thinking about the video you just watched: Surfacing/Unpacking Ideas Once you have added to the Miro board of what high school could be, look over your ideas as well as those of your colleagues. Then create a new topic and pick one or two questions to respond to from the list below or build on a discussion topic that has already started: Challenging the School Knowledge Ecosystem The table below is from a 1980 research study conducted by Jean Anyon, in which she argues that there are meaningful distinctions in the kinds of education available to people from differing social positions. Take a few minutes to read the table. Try to place yourself into the different worlds it represents. Change is Hard After watching the video, take some time to think about when you yourself experienced a transformation in your life. Write your own threshold story and post it as a new topic in this discourse category and then respond to two other threshold stories shared. Optional Assignments and Open Discussion There are a lot of opportunities for focused discourse throughout this course that are mandatory, and a bunch more that are optional! Here in this space you’ll find the optional forum discussions as their own topics, as well as an open invitation to start your own discussion!
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