About the Making Thinking Visible category

As you look over the miro board from Making Thinking Visible Pt. 2, think about the following questions:

  • How would you categorize all of these answers? What groups do you see forming between these responses?

  • What names would you give to your categories?

  • What holds these different responses together?

  • What inferences can you now make based on these responses?

Once you have thought through these questions, take your ideas and the ideas of your colleagues and synthesize it down into one solid definition of home. It can be long and complicated (in fact, we expect it to be!), but see if you can synthesize your ideas.

Add this definition and the response to the questions into this forum by creating a new topic in this category. Comment on two of your colleagues’ responses: Is your definition similar or different from others, in what ways?

Home is a place that can bring both elation and fear; it remains a place to become yourself or to revisit something or someone; it features creature comforts and reminders of the past and what will be.
When I first categorized these answers, I noticed that they were spread into specific places, people involved, emotions taking place, and items found within.
I placed them into groups with names like - physical parts, people, emotions, and location.
All of these responses however still connect because they appear to show some aspect of what we would assume a home to be in society. I do think that some people have a more positive thought process when asked about home then others. I could certainly infer that some people have a dreadful feeling connected to home while others find it as a safe haven. Some look to the past and others look to the present. All in all, they do connect to each other in some way.

Home is the people, places, and things that make me feel comfortably at rest and at peace.

I think for some others Home can be a sense of anxiety or fear. Which at some points of my life I could relate to and I think that is completely valid! Sometimes the home base where you are centered is not a happy or comfortable place. But I think over time I have come to learn that that is not what I consider my “home”. Instead I think of home as more of a feeling than a place. I can feel at home anywhere in the right conditions with the right people.

My definition: Home is a space of connection and loosely-defined familiarity. Home exists to be defined and redefined as individuals seek to carve out a space in the world for themselves and their loved ones.

Looking at my peers’ responses, I can certainly see overlap in thinking. I had a hard time nailing down a definition that was overly specific as the malleability of “home” made me second guess many concrete definitions.