C3: Design for Dialogue, Thinking, & Flow

Experiencing Design Thinking After 20 minutes of trying to build a tower of objects, take a picture of your creation and share it in this discourse forum (or, if you don’t have a camera readily available, a description of the build will do). Create a new topic in this category for your post and respond to the following prompts: Making Thinking Visible As you look over the miro board from Making Thinking Visible Pt. 2, think about the following questions: Design Thinking In Situ Once you have watched the video, create a new topic in this Discourse category and use the following prompts to start a discussion: Disciplinary Knowledge Meets Real World Messiness As you play through the game Bridge-Builder, think about the following questions: Making Thinking Visible 2 To bring this back into your practice, let’s take some time to think through a lesson in your classroom. In this Discourse category, please provide responses to the following prompts: Optional Assignments and Open Discussion There are a lot of opportunities for focused discourse throughout this course that are mandatory, and a bunch more that are optional! Here in this space you’ll find the optional forum discussions as their own topics, as well as an open invitation to start your own discussion!
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