C2: Inquiry & Action

Inductive Learning Once you have watched the video on inductive learning, take some time to think about how you could rewrite one of your current lessons to be inductive. Share your new lesson idea in this discourse by creating a new topic. Afterward, comment on your colleagues ideas for how to rewrite their lessons. Asking Great Questions 2 After your reflection in Asking Great Questions Pt. 3, post your thoughts on how this practice was for you and how you could incorporate this into your classroom. Create a new topic in this category and respond to two other colleagues. Tracing Inquiry Through PBL In star 2.05 you rewrote one of your current lessons to be inductive. Take some time here to think about how you could use the tools and techniques employed in the water quality lesson you just watched to make your inductive lesson even more inquiry focused. What would you change, add to, or iterate on in your previous lesson? Asking Great Questions Once you’ve chosen your top three questions from Asking Great Question Pt. 2 share them by creating a new topic and also comment on your colleagues contributions. Share what it is about these questions that you find valuable. Optional Assignments and Open Discussion There are a lot of opportunities for focused discourse throughout this course that are mandatory, and a bunch more that are optional! Here in this space you’ll find the optional forum discussions as their own topics, as well as an open invitation to start your own discussion!
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