MTC Mastery Transcript

The MTC Mastery Transcript is one tool that can help us rethink grading. It’s not the only way to do this, but it might get the gears turning.

Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC) | Join the effort to create a high school… – 15 Aug 19

MTC Mastery Transcript® | Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC)

MTC has co-designed and built a software platform that high schools use to publish Mastery Transcripts for college admissions readers and/or employers.

As you look through this page and the embedded video on that page, think about the following questions: what do you connect with in this transcript? What about this transcript extended your thinking? What challenges or questions do you still have?

When finished, share your thoughts and respond to your colleagues by replying in this topic thread.

I love that the MTC Mastery Transcript reduces the massive obsession on the part of both students, parents, and teachers on grades as a mark of achievement. Mastery Transcripts make explicit the multidimensional nature of learning and achievement, allowing every student an entry point into learning and a path to pursue moving forward.