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As you watch the video Projects That Work: Mission to Mars, try to put yourself in the mindset of the teacher and think about how they answered the following questions in the forum by creating a new topic in this category:

  • What teacher moves did you notice that you want to bring into your classroom? What additional teacher moves would you do to bring in this type of learning into your classroom?

  • Read your colleagues responses and comment on two of them

While watching the video, I really liked how the teacher presented the materials to the students and took something very real into it. I would like to do something like that. I also think that the guidance and running it like any project would be a good teacher move. He seemed to have reminders and expectations that were still clear to the students - it shows how this isn’t a free for all, but a guided process. I might also have to make some adjustments because of the content I teach. I do have to focus more on reading and writing, so I think I might need to figure out how to make a project that is more tangible for students. That is my biggest concern - helping them have buy in to the process while still creating their own product.

Some of the teacher moves that I liked from this video was the Launch activity of connecting the this project to real careers and skills that students could use past the classroom.

There are lots of smaller experiments and trial and error period. They get to test and revise.

They also brought in public experts who were able to serve as authentic experts who can validate the importance of some of this work students are doing.

I just overall appreciate the hands on and experiential nature of this teacher’s work.

Though slightly off topic, I am envious of the teacher’s classroom. :slightly_smiling_face: I do my best to rearrange and reinvent my own classroom for various projects, but the physical space is just not present.

I could tell the teacher had a clear vision of what he wanted students to achieve. The use of role play to keep students in character and creating a functional scientific environment was inspiring. Additionally, having such a breadth of community assets to pull from was inspiring and got my brain thinking of where I might be able to do the same.

I may double down on the “students as ____” framework during a few units this year. In debate class this is already something that is in place as the final product of each unit is a performance in which students have a series of roles to fulfill. In ELA, things are a bit harder to immediately connect, but I am excited to think on the potentials.